Powis Travel Limited

Launch Date: 1st September 2020

Powis Travel Limited is an Airport Transfer Specialist company working out of Wolverhampton offering Airport Transfers and other taxi services to Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

Armed with this we set up a development working site for the client to monitor and started to work towards developing. We researched everything in great detial. Knowing the requirements of track and trace we linked a booking system for the company to have an active database of all the customers that entered the shop. We also included a notification system to keep customers coming back so after 20 days a reminder email is sent to remind them of their last appointment to remind them to book again.

    Score Explained:
      • This is a good score to start with and will be going through the second round of SEO optimisation shortly to improve this further
        • To improve this we need to work on narrowing down the keywords and meta data to improve this score
      • This is a great score and nothing else needs to be done on this. This is based on the sites usability for a user to navigate and manage
      • This a great score for this due to us using a booking system which naturally slows down the site but the D means nothing further is required for this
      • Very poor score but fully know how and what to work on in the next stage they really only have Facebook and Instagram but more can be done to improve this grading.
      • What can i say but this is perfect obviously security is so important and this is the first thing we work on to ensure future security