iTech Care ltd

Launch Date: 25th November 2021

iTech Care ltd are a electrical repair shop specialiasing in repairing phones, laptops, computers and consoles. iTech Care ltd wanted us to help more their business online with the intend to advertise their services along with what products they have available to sell.

Armed with this we set up a development working site for the client to monitor and started to work towards developing. We researched everything in great detial. We wanted to promte the services that iTech Care ltd offer then built a heavy information page for each service. We have added a ecommerce section to be activated once all the products are made available and iTechCare are ready for online sales.

    Score Explained:
      • This is an excellent score and a great starting point.
        • To help improve Search Engine ranking we are now targeting key word search.
      • This is a great score and nothing else needs to be done on this. This is based on the sites usability for a user to navigate and manage
      • This a great score for this due to us using a booking system which naturally slows down the site but the B- means nothing further is required for this
      • Due to the comapny not being on all social media platforms this is the best the score is going to be unless they move on to more which has been adviced
      • What can i say but this is perfect obviously security is so important and this is the first thing we work on to ensure future security